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Noel Matthews


Welcome to my website. I am thrilled that you are here so please do take a look around

This page is a hub where you can connect with all of the projects I am currently engaged with and where you can also read my blog.

Life has presented with me with many personal challenges whether they be in my relationships with others, business, parenting or just plain old trying to get ahead.

You may be in a similar position yourself and if you’re here on my site then you could well be looking for some answers.

I am at your disposal.

My mission in life now is to be personally responsible for creating prosperity and abundance in both my life and the lives of others. Reach out to me, I will always respond.

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My Projects

Positive You


Here you can find articles and posts with advice and techniques for strengthening your mindset and developing a positive attitude to life.

My blog posts include book recommendations, links to relevant merch and selected podcast offerings

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Back Down The Hill

Podcast & Youtube Channel

We all reach a point in life when it occurs to us that there may be fewer productive years ahead of us than behind

It is often referred to as midlife crisis. We are calling BS on that and re-branding. Midlife renewal presents possibly the best opportunity you will have to make positive change and become prosperous

I have guests, book reviews and interesting subjects with a new episode every weekend


PY Coaching

My Coaching Practice

I am a life and business coach for men and women in midlife. You want big change in your life? You need confidence, belief and a plan.
I can help

You can book me for one to one coaching here including a free discovery session to see if we are a good fit

Sophie Howard

The Amazon Queen

Are you interested in starting your own Amazon e-commerce business?

I joined the Blue Sky Academy in 2020 and now have my own Amazon FBA business and I’m proud to have also become a Performance Coach on Sophie’s team

Start your journey to financial freedom by clicking on Sophie to join an instant webinar in which she will show you how she became financially free with the Amazon opportunity

If you are interested I could well be personally welcoming you into the program very soon!

The Positive YOU Shop

Merch By Me

This is my side hustle. I love graphic design and spend several hours each week on new creations. My merch contains mostly positive messages but there is some fun stuff in there too

Please have a look around, I ship worldwide

Private Facebook Group

Positive You

Apply to join my private facebook group. Positive You on facebook is a place for anyone seeking to create meaningful change in their lives while being surrounded by top quality people

Join my free 1 hour “Positive Masterminds” Zoom call every Sunday at 12 NOON EST/5PM UK TIME



The Positive YOU Quote Library

Positive Messages Every Day

7 days a week on my social media accounts I post positive graphics with inspiring messages out into the universe. Some of the quotes are mine, many are the words of some far wiser people and others are my #funfriday jokes

Check them out!

What is that swirly thing Noel?

This is an ancient Celtic symbol of renewal and rebirth known as the TRISKELION. It can also symbolize Past, Present and Future as well as the Movement, Motion and Energies driving us to forward progress.

My late father was an Irishman and for me this is also a nod in the direction of my roots.

Altogether I find it to be a fitting symbol for the better life we want to create and you will find it dotted around in my communications and media

And the green onions?

Green because it’s the colour of renewal and onions because they are onions