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About Me - Noel Matthews

About Me

Noel Matthews


I am an honorable member of Generation X. I was born in 1967 in the working class community of Barrow-In-Furness in North West England. My father was an Irish immigrant and my mother a local, working-class girl.

At 18 I decided the shipyard was not going to be the employer I would be sharing with the majority of my school friends and I trained to be a nurse. At 21 I cleared off to London to work at St. Thomas’ Hospital and I spent 7 more years in the NHS, becoming a Charge Nurse and studying for an MSc in Health Informatics.

I then moved into IT Consulting, spent some time in Seattle, WA, Edinburgh and London again, where I found myself Director of IT at a dotcom business, right at the very start of it all. I was hired by Douglas Gurr, now the CEO of Amazon UK and his business partner Chris Philp, now a Member of Parliament in the UK. It was an amazing and successful experience and a high point in my life and career


Shortly after that success things went wrong and I found myself fighting for the return of my two sons from West Africa where they had been abducted to, and left, by their mother.

It was both painful and challenging but I succeeded in retrieving them and then set about raising two sons as a single parent. Those were hard times and I almost lost all ambition beyond keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table. My high-flying career was over and I was working as a carer on the minimum wage.

But I always knew that everything may not be OK but you can always be more OK with that

That entrepeneurial spirit in me was not dimmed for long . I switched to being a private carer and personal assistant to improve my pay and started a private carers network using this new thing called “social media”

Then What?

Whether it was a good thing or a bad thing is to be judged by others but I decided to become a politcal activist, inspired as I was by a man you may have heard of by the name of Nigel Farage.

I was eurosceptic, a bit angry with the world and ready for a fight. I got one. I wound up the National Election Agent with his party and stayed in active politics for a decade, latterly in paid organizational roles. There was defeat, victory, and all that goes along with being a senior official with an insurgent political movement. 

By the end I had lost all of the ambition I once harbored of becoming an elected Westminster politician and I had gained a wealth of knowledge about politicial organizing, campaigning and election law. It was a bruising experience but I’m grateful for it. I learned a lot about people and what makes the ordinary man and woman tick.


After politics there was more excitement and adventure. My sons became brilliant and ambitious young men and flew the coop.

I met my current partner and our daughter was born in 2017. So I’m a Dad again, an old one, it’s Round 2. 

After a couple of businesses, one abortive and one slighly better I moved to Lincolnshire and began another transformation. I launched an Amazon business and a Print-On-Demand Etsy store in the USA. I became a coach on the Amazon FBA program that I did myself and through that I realised that business and life-coaching could be something I would enjoy.

So I just started.

I also launched a Youtube Channel and Podcast aimed at people in Midlife and I now work 7 days a week on all of that and love every minute of it.

My mission is to love and treasure every day, create abundance in my life and help other people to realize that they can do it too